As the owner and creator of Kosa Jewels, I firmly believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and empowered. I have always felt that jewelry does that for women.  

I truly love jewelry and have spent my life devoted to it. Over two decades ago, I incorporated Kosa Diamonds, where I have been sourcing some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. 

As a NYC diamond district veteran and gemologist, I have been involved in the process from sourcing gemstones to grading and appraising to designing and beyond. I’ve lived and breathed every facet of the jewelery industry.

After all this time in the industry though, I began to notice a shift in the way people buy and wear jewelry, which served as my inspiration for creating Kosa Jewels. It seemed everyone was gravitating toward fashionable, trendier, more affordable pieces that looked like a million bucks for a fraction of the price. 


I created Kosa Jewels for you, a place where you can find the fruits of my labor of love, passion, and insider expertise for jewelry trends all affordably. I wanted women to have jewelry that was impeccably crafted without having to spend a fortune for it. It’s the kind of unique quality jewelry ideal for women of any budget to enjoy. 


With a huge focus on craftsmanship and styles that fit today’s trends as well as more traditional classically timeless pieces, I know you’ll love what I’ve created. Welcome to Kosa Jewels, where I bring you beautiful, fashionable, quality-made jewelry that you can afford to top off your fabulous style!


With love,

Monika Kosa